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Four ways client tax documents are at risk

Identifying areas of vulnerability is the first step to addressing the cybersecurity problem.

Source: IRS finalizes rules for opting out of partnership audit regime

Final regulations have been released for how to avoid the centralized way the IRS can now examine large firms.

The value of a true cloud ERP platform

The components and scorecard not only to evaluate a true cloud solution, but also to analyze how various platform offerings help meet your organization’s objectives today, adapt to the industry disruptions of tomorrow and realize savings.

Turning to the cloud: successfully executing an enterprise cloud ERP strategy means turning to proven, trusted and deployed cloud ERP solutions. Advice from the front lines by the SVP of Operations and Strategy.

Proposed tax changes fuel corporate bond deals

  • Some of the world’s biggest companies are readying their balance sheets for tax-law overhauls.
  • The Spirit of Accounting: Four tales of futility.
  • Profs. Miller and Bahnson analyzed a quartet of futile pursuits, from political interference with standard-setting to convergence.
  • Tax Fraud: Bizman bilks millions in payroll taxes.
  • Inflating and stealing refunds, three sentenced for faking Scheduled C figures.
  • KPMG named new Americas chair.
  • U.S. deputy chairman and COO P. Scott Ozanus heads the region and joined the global board.

KPMG named new Americas chair

U.S. deputy chairman and COO P. Scott Ozanus heads the region and joined the global board

Applicants sought for IRS electronic tax committee

The IRS sought nominees for its Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board released an update to improve the financial reporting on pensions and other post-retirement benefits.


FASB updates standards for reporting on pensions and other post-retirement benefit plans

Jeffrey B. Travis
Jeffrey B. Travis



IRS simplifies closing examinations of estate tax returns.

Nina Olson wants the Internal Revenue Service to take more of a “taxpayer-centric” approach and for Congress to focus on tax simplification in its tax reform efforts.

Taxpayer Advocate urges IRS to revamp its Future State plan

Estate Tax Closing Letter

Jeffrey B. Travis
Jeffrey B. Travis


Legislation to expand tax credits introduced.

Members of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee have introduced bills to enhance the Earned Income Tax Credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.