Best 2017 Checklists Review

Post on @Quora by @jeffreybtravis: Changing Your Residency

Post by Deerfield Accountant:

Jeffrey B. Travis

The latest accounting news and information for CPAs, accountants, tax preparers and auditors IRS Watch Top Stories The Top 10 tax and accounting stories The most important Accounting news, events, and trends 2017 is the year to boost your revenue with payroll Key reasons why accountants should leverage the power of payroll as a profit center How generational perspectives influence approaching business growth Safeguard clients’ data IRS tips for tax preparers to prevent identity theft 990-N site The IRS announced that one of its filing pages for nonprofits was closed for maintenance Estate planning deconstructed Tax Strategy How clients manage their wealth after death Juicy deductions that come with owning a car A smart portfolio trick to consider during this year’s monster bull market More last-minute tax strategies Overview of prevalent tax scams Private matters Favorite tax bloggers Featured Resources Improve client service via technology Improve client collaboration via technology Clients expect a lot from their tax professionals and partners in 2017 Employing Caregivers: What advisers need to know Due to several legislative and regulatory changes, experts anticipate a significant increase in privately-employed senior caregivers


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